Posted by: beamsofjoy | August 26, 2010

Fully Rely On God


So many times through my own power I tried to make things right.
So many times the tears have flowed through the long and lonely night.
Sometimes it seemed that all I did only served to make things worse.
I’ve wondered what I could have done to earn such a bitter curse.

“Stand on your own two feet” they say. “Stiff upper lip” you know.
“Put on your game face” and “Wear a smile.” Never let your real pain show.
So on I went through pain and grief, not knowing which way to turn.
Where was the peace I’d heard about? For sweet rest my soul did yearn.

I’d cry to God and ask for help, but seldom listened for His reply.
It seemed He never blessed my plans, and my heart cried out, “Lord, why?”
But I kept my mask so firmly in place that the world could never see
That the person they all thought I was, was someone I could never be.

The world thought I had it together, that my life was running smooth.
That I had all things well in hand, settled into an organized groove.
But they couldn’t see the inside, where the real battle was being fought.
They didn’t feel the emptiness, the fulfillment that my heart sought.

On I went, until the day that my tired soul could fight no more.
“I give up, God! I can’t go on! I’m lying down to move no more!”
God’s response was swift and gentle, and I could almost see him smile.
As He said, “Finally, my child! Now, let ME drive awhile.”

At first it wasn’t easy, giving up all that control.
But slowly He picked up the pieces, and healed my broken soul.
I’ve learned that if I’ll listen, and then simply obey,
The giants seem much smaller when they loom up in my way.

Now when I face those giants, and it seems defeat must be my lot,
I hide behind my Daddy and say, “Show ‘em what You’ve got!”
You see, He always knows the right way, even in the darkest night.
And if I’ll give Him all control, I’ll always come out right.

Who would have thought that quitting was the only way to win?
But it’s when I quit trying that His power rules again.
So if you’re in a quandary, and don’t know quite what to do,
Just fully rely on God, and He will see you through.


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